Oral vaccination against rabies

Bait and blister

Example of bait and blister with vaccine

Oral vaccination against rabies is a preventive measure to eradicate rabies in wild animals, vectors of disease, mainly foxes and rare raccoons, raccoon dogs, coyotes and jackals, but also can be used for dogs in developing countries.

Baits used for oral vaccination are made of fishmeal or dog food and contains a vaccine packet with V-RG, a recombinant vaccine made from a living pox virus vector, vaccinia, that carries the rabies antigen in the form of rabies glycoprotein. When animals eat through the outer bait matrix, the inner sachet gets punctured allowing vaccine to enter the animal’s mouth and coat the lymphatic tissue in the throat. There is an immune response to the rabies antigen which creates antibodies for rabies.

Baits are distributed by airplanes in rural areas and by hand in urban and suburban areas.