Cattle trichobezoar


Trichobezoars found in cattle rumen


Trichobezoar is rounded mass of felted hair distending and partially obstructing rumen or abomasum. It can be found in younger cattle, and very rare in older cattle.


Necropsy Show and Tell

Example of one pathology image that can be found on website

One of the best collection of veterinary pathology images that can be found on-line is available at Dr. John M. King’s Necropsy Show and Tell.

Necropsy Show and Tell is a collection of 35mm slide images of necropsy specimens collected by Dr. John M. King at the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine over the past 30 years. Selected images have been scanned into the computer and cataloged for your use in these pages. Searches to find individual images are performed by searching on keywords used to catalog each of the images.

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